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Clasps are an integral part of nearly every bracelet and necklace design. Shop clasp styles including barrel, lobster claw, magnetic, multi-strand, tab lock, toggle and more in a variety of materials.

Jewelry Clasps

The one thing nearly every bracelet and necklace have in common is a clasp. This small but vital mechanism is what allows the wearer to secure the jewelry, then remove it without damage. But like every jewelry component, one clasp doesn’t fit all, and there are many options depending on practicality and preference.

Best Necklace and Bracelet Closures

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads has thousands of wholesale jewelry fasteners for design studios and resellers. Some are purely functional clasps that let other elements have the spotlight. Others are meant to be a focal point of the piece. Whichever type you need, we’ll help you find it — and we also have free design ideas that might inspire your next creation.

It can be surprising just how many ways there are to fasten and unfasten jewelry. Lobster claw clasps are among the most widely used because they’re simple and secure. Other popular fasteners include toggle clasps, magnetic closures, slide locks, spring rings and twister clasps. Looking for more? We have special leather clasps along with breakaway, multi-strand and snap designs. Order a clasp variety pack if you like having options or are stocking up a school art department.

Most clasps are made of metal such as sterling silver or stainless steel. However, there are also plastic and nylon clasps that won’t corrode. Jewelry clasps with gemstones and pearls, or that are plated with gold, are a stunning addition. We work with the world’s top jewelry component suppliers to ensure the right clasp is always in stock at a great price.